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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, only if the beauty is shown! Every bride would want to look beautiful on the day of her wedding be it the dress fitting, make-up, shoes, and everything else that is going to make her gorgeous. However, more than anything else, it is the skin that is going to make the bride truly beautiful. A healthy skin is a beautiful skin.

Here are some 5 tips that you can follow 12 weeks prior to your wedding.

1. Yes. Your mother is always right. Eat loads of green vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, carrots, beetroot and fruits like oranges, watermelon and drink a glass of tender coconut water to beat the heat.
2. Facials are a good way to start preparing your skin. Go to your favourite parlour and ask them to analyze your skin and suggest the best facial for you. Gold and lightning facials are quite popular among the brides now.
3. Exfoliate your skin regularly. Use oats & honey, sugar, honey and lime juice, baking powder and water to exfoliate your skin every week. By doing this, your skin will feel rejuvenated and be rid of all the dead skin. This will make your skin look brighter and healthier.
4. Moisturize you skin at least twice a day. This will help your skin balance its pH level (water level). Some natural moisturizers that you can use are papaya, cream and honey, avocado and anything that is rich in vitamin E and C. For brides with very oily skin, use gel based moisturizers instead of cream based ones. Drink ample amount of water to get rid of the toxins from your body.
5. Lots of sleep and less of stress are the most important to look your best on your wedding day. Sleep stimulates good blood circulation and allows the brain to rest. Sleeplessness can cause under-eye dark circles and hair fall. Stress is the one thing that will bring down all your efforts to look good. Do not stress about the wedding.

Think positive about the affair and everything will fall in place. You are beautiful. BELIEVE IT.

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