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Wedding planning is our passion. We plan truly memorable, exceptionally creative and uniquely beautiful weddings.

Wedding Planners in Chennai: Delivering Happiness, Come Rain or Shine

Are you dreaming of a perfect beach wedding? Or a destination wedding away from the hustle and bustle of the city? A day filled with joy, love, and unforgettable memories? Look no further than your Wedding Planners in Chennai. We are not just your ordinary wedding planners. Ours is a wedding planning team that goes above and beyond to make your dreams come true, with well crafted wedding decor.

At Marriage Colours, we believe in turning every "no" into a "yes." Whatever the challenge, our dedicated team never backs down. In fact, we have delivered extraordinary weddings amidst natures fury and pandemics. From setting up weddings during floods and cyclones to creating magical experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, we've seen it all.

Since our inception in 2012, we have brought happiness to over 500 families. Delivering happiness is not just our tagline; it is at the core of everything we do. Based in Chennai, we specialize in Mahabalipuram weddings, known for its exquisite beauty and charm. Our commitment to creating joyous wedding celebrations has taken us beyond Chennai. We have successfully planned and executed projects across India and even international destinations like Italy, South Africa, Bali, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

As a full-blown design company, we take pride in our attention to detail and creativity. Our in-house production house ensures that we execute every aspect of your wedding flawlessly, from start to finish. Designing breathtaking weddings, with "never seen before", "never done before" decor experience is our forte.

You are wondering whether you need a wedding planner; else you have decided to hire one. Either ways, read on.

At Marriage Colours, we are privileged to turn our passion into a business. Creating momentous moments and transforming dreams into reality has always been our forte. And with the inception of our Wedding Planning Services and Wedding Events Consultation Company, in Chennai, we have extended our repertoire as wedding planner, to include one of the most beautiful events in a couple's life — their wedding.

Do I really require wedding planning?

Whether I need a wedding planner for my son's/daughter's/my wedding, is the question that arises in the minds of most of us. If you asked this same question a couple of decades ago, the answer would have been different. In the past, there was a wedding planner, a specialist in every family. The master wedding planner would be called upon for any and every wedding in the family. He probably had the experience of conducting a hundred weddings among family and friends. So, a specialst wedding planner was not required, then.

But, as we all know, that isn't the case today. The joint families are hard to find and even there, there is a shortfall in specialists who can play the wedding planner role perfectly. In a nuclear family, the burden of conducting a wedding is a Himalayan task for any head of the family. So, without a doubt, you are better off hiring a wedding planner for your family wedding.

Today's wedding planner is nothing but our yesterday's master planner of weddings in the family. Because, he has the experience of conducting hundreds of weddings under him. As compared to his experience, this would be our first or probably the second wedding in the family.

Frankly speaking, getting the wedding done all by ourselves as a wedding planner, is not at all a good idea, since there are a lot of things to take into consideration; right from choosing the right venue, choosing the decorators, choosing the right photographers, the best caterers and many other minor things that we may not remember or miss out till the last moment.

The major things that we indicated above can be done by the head of the family, but, to take care of the nitty gritties, one has to take the support of a wedding planner. Your wedding planner will act as a curator to your wedding, planning the macro till the micro, which is crucial for the successful and most enjoyable wedding experience.

Imagine your plight when the pujari asks for a samagri that you didn't anticipate and he did not tell you till the last moment. This is just one moment. There may be many such incidents that will prevent you from enjoying the wedding experience. This is where the expertise of the wedding planner comes in support. With the experience of having planned and executed hundreds of weddings, your wedding planner can ensure there are no hiccups at any point in the entire wedding.

Having said that, you need to choose your wedding planner with caution. Discuss with them, ask their credentials, get references and make sure that you are speaking to the right person. And if you are convinced, go ahead and book them right away.

Today Marriage Colours wedding planning solutions have become synonymous with integrity, impeccable service and extraordinary attention to detail. And as seasoned wedding planners in Chennai, we are fortunate to work alongside the most respected event companies and wedding event vendors and suppliers who also share our passion and commitment to high standards of service and excellence in everything we do.

What is the cost of hiring a wedding planner?

This is a question many ask. We ask you, what is the price you are willing to pay for peace of mind? Nevertheless, hiring a wedding planner is not an expensive proposition, if you catch the right one for your wedding. Our curator will ensure that your wedding passes of smoothly, like a well-oiled engine. If you are planning a full-fledged beach or destination wedding, then hiring a wedding planner is the perfect idea.

We help make exceptional wedding experiences possible for anyone who comes to us looking for bespoke wedding planning solutions. Having planned and organised weddings in all faiths, we know that a perfect wedding is work of art; and a top wedding planner is a rarity. It begins with a momentous journey towards achieving seamless collaboration, imagination and meticulous preparation.

Whether yours is a Christian wedding, brahmin wedding, beach wedding or destination wedding, we are the wedding planners you are looking for.

Planning and organising an utterly unique, highly personal and memorable wedding celebration requires a personalised approach, creative vision, rich network of vendors and suppliers and the persistent willingness to deliver absolute service excellence. We are one of the top wedding event management companies in Chennai, with an experience of over a decade in the industry. At Marriage Colours, we are dedicated to always going the extra mile, which has helped us create wedding stories that are treasured and unforgettable.

Our commitment to sourcing and working only with the very best of wedding suppliers and vendors in Chennai has ensured that we create elegant, stress-free, perfect weddings that are truly memorable. From initial consultations and wedding concept planning to the final refining of each detail and execution, we specialise in flawlessly bringing wedding dreams to life.

Delivered happiness (Delivering happiness is our motto) to over 1000 families, in and around Chennai, since inception in 2012.

This is the team that never says ‘NO’. This is the team that delivered a wedding while 3/4th of the the city was under flood waters. The team that executed a decor to perfection just one day after the Vardah Cyclone. The team that delivered a full blown setup during the pandemic COVID-19.

We are a resilient bunch of fighters who are willing to take the bull by its horns. Need we say more?

We have our base in Chennai; we are specialists in Mahabalipuram destination weddings. We specialize in beach weddings and have projects delivered across India, Italy, South Africa, Srilanka, Thailand and Indonesia.

To know how we can help you create your own unique and beautiful wedding story, get in touch with us for a detailed discussion on your wedding planning, today.

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