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Beach Wedding Chennai

A lush garden lawn that leads to a stunning beach and a breath-taking sunset; let this be the setting for your Beach Wedding Chennai! At Marriage Colours, we bring you a host of the most amazing beach wedding venues in Chennai and anywhere else to give you the magical backdrop for celebrating the most important day of your life.

Chennai is an ideal place for a beach side wedding. With the 2nd longest beach in the world, there is no dearth of sea side locations for celebrations. Indian weddings are traditionally known to be a great way of celebrating the coming together of two souls in marriage. And what better location than a beach wedding venue for a wedding? Conducting a Beach Wedding Chennai is as easy as it comes. With the team MC taking over the conduct of your beach side wedding, you have to worry about nothing from start to finish. We are right there with you, right from suggesting a favourable date for the wedding, to the booking of a beach resort for your Chennai wedding, to taking care of the minor and major requirements, till the time we all go home after the fabulous beach resort wedding. We are with you all the time. If you want a beach resort wedding in Chennai, there are small and large, cheap and expensive resorts dotted along the ECR, right up to Pondicherry. There is even an island resort that will bring out the child in you. If you like water and the serene and constant lullaby of the waves lapping the shore, a beach side wedding Chennai is yet to see, is what you need.

Even though the entire stretch of the ECR is well connected to the city, the distance to travel and cover may not be too appealing for your guests. So, we have to arrange for transportation from the city to our venue for the Beach Wedding Chennai. Many resorts offer shuttle services from the city. It is better to arrange air-conditioned buses to the wedding venue for those guests that want transportation. The close friends and relatives may not be coming in on the day of the wedding. They will be coming in one day earlier to take part in the pre-wedding ceremonies that happen throughout the day. For your Beach Wedding Chennai, thus arranging rooms for your close friends and relatives becomes a prerogative. Since, there is no paucity of resorts in Chennai, getting rooms is not a problem. Unless, there is a huge wedding in a small town called Mahabalipuram with a few hundred guests expected. So, expecting the unexpected, it is always ideal to book your rooms, much in advance.

As a regular feature, Beach Weddings in Chennai is a relatively new concept. Earlier, weddings used to be conducted in traditional wedding halls in Chennai; there were not many wedding venues either. It used to be a formal function with the families of the bride and groom coming together on the day of the wedding. Sometimes, they used to be two day affairs. The celebrations used to be there. Yet, they were a far cry from the fun and frolic of today's weddings.

With our beach wedding planning services you can choose to host your wedding in any of the most beautiful beach wedding venues in Chennai (view images) or anywhere else across South India. Whether you are looking for a premium beach wedding venue or a quaint little beach resort wedding Chennai style, we can bring you a wide variety of options and get you enticing beach wedding venue discount packages that will match your individual tastes, needs and budget.

After finalizing your beach wedding venue from the list of available beach wedding venues in Chennai, our team of wedding specialists will work closely with you to create the perfect, unique wedding theme that will give your celebrations an aura of distinction. We will liaise with the wedding venue and all the wedding suppliers and vendors you wish to work with to ensure that every detail of your day is picture-perfect.

What is the speciality of my Beach Wedding in Chennai and what are those services that suit my requirements?

We know that every wedding is different, hence our team of wedding planners and coordinators will help you find the right resort for your beach side wedding Chennai style, to personalize your event and ensure that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy the ceremony and celebrations. Our unique blend of personalized beach wedding services focuses on creating special moments that will be remembered forever.

From organizing your event at a beach resort's banquet hall or at a beach side pavilion, the MC team of wedding coordinators can create a signature event that can be personalized to feature unique decor ideas and even wedding menus. It is not just signature or premium weddings; all kinds of weddings get help. We will coordinate with the wedding venue's event team and manage the wedding suppliers and vendors to enhance your wedding experience and make your celebrations truly your own.

With MC at the forefront, your Beach Wedding Chennai is going to be a cakewalk. With hundreds of weddings in the kitty, Marriage Colours is fully loaded and equipped to conduct your wedding flawlessly. With our systematic and professional approach to weddings, treating them as a task to be completed with zero tolerance to errors, giving each of the tasks the importance of the launch of a satellite into orbit. Our professionalism is contagious and all our vendors and service partners all give their 110 percent of their efforts for the success of the event. The focus is one, your peace of mind while we take the burden of making your Beach Wedding Chennai a success and a day to remember for all time.

The Marriage Colours team will help you plan and coordinate all the details of your wedding before you and your guests even arrive for the celebrations. Our specialized and professional wedding management team will help incorporate all the tiny details that will make your celebration as unique as your story.

To get professional help to organise your beach wedding Chennai style with celebrations, click here to book our services.

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