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The trending and best reception decorations and wedding decorations for you. The best wedding reception decor that is latest and trending in 2022 from all over. The city of Chennai may be laid back, but definitely is in line with the trend. All our wedding reception decorations, by default, come with a stunning and stylish finish, which is our focus.

If you are not already aware, the colours and designs for your reception background has to be carefully chosen.

What are the factors that contribute to the final reception background design? The costumes that are chosen for your reception celebrations are important. Care has to be taken to ensure that the reception background decoration is complementing or contrasting with the costumes of the bride and the groom.

The main aspect is the price, which will define the final reception backdrop design. Based on our budget, the designs that fall in the range are shown, from which we choose the one design that we like the most.

The flowers and the colours are then discussed to arrive at our final and the best reception backdrop design.

The same rules apply for the marriage background decoration too, the difference being the mandapam designs for the wedding always follow a certain pattern and colours.

The wedding backdrop design usually includes the depiction of the favourite deities of the family to seek their divine presence and blessings.

The predominant colours for the mandap are usually golden yellow and its variations. Another popular colour would be the marriage mandap made in chettinadu style with maroon pillars and floral hangings in matching colours on all 4 sides.

So, what are the trending styles for your reception decoration?

There aren't any hard and fast rule as to the trending decor. We have recently used green florals, lotus themed decor, pichwai styled decorations for our weddings and receptions.

The garden theme is predominantly green in colour. The colour theme one chooses for the event decoration is ideally matching the costumes of the bride and the groom. And we suggest a colour and theme that matches and blends with the overall ambience of the venue and the hall.

For a funky Sangeet, with a lot of breathtaking performances, it could be a LED backdrop with minimalistic decor as your backdrop. All the decor and floral elements could be restricted to the other areas in the venue. The entrance, the walkway, the table top props, the face lighting are elements that need to be in sync with the decor and ambience.

The forest or garden theme, with a garden of multicoloured flowers, the very English victorian theme are also in vogue. The louvre of Paris, a replica of which we tried for a reception decor backdrop was also an instant hit with the guests.

It is all about exchanging ideas, matching it with the budget and coming up with the best that is possible. Value for money is a big quality that we are popular among our clientele.

There were also some exotic themes that we tried in the past, which could be yours too. One was a complete ice sculpture backdrop, which came all the way in trucks from the source, with a life of over 5 hours. It was carefully unpacked and installed in record time, just in time for the reception to begin.

Did you notice the forest and waterfall themed reception decor, complete with the koi fish swimming below in the pond as the guests walk over the bride across the pond into the reception area. There are also colourful backdrops using abundant florals, which of course are not as much in demand due to the high price of flowers these days.

We swear by real flowers as there is nothing that can beat the energy of real flowers.

Your reception backdrop for example, could be a background made out completely using red roses, with a dominant centre design depicting your specially created logo. If you think you need a reception decoration that is not too gaudy and not too simple, we could go along with a mix of florals designs using subtle colours with silk scallops of matching colours.

Whatever be the backdrop design, the colours of the costumes of the bride and the groom have to match, in terms of complementing, contrasting with the decor design and style

We have been doing simple to elaborate wedding & reception decor for a long time now. Our creative team works all the time to create new trends in reception backdrops for your wedding, be it floral walls or the most modern backdrops with props or a mix of all with lights to boot.

The best reception decorations do not just come out of thin air. It needs a lot of work, right from the ideation to planning to execution. There are a lot of variables involved and it takes precision engineering to get the right results. One of the many variables that decide the price of the backdrop and reception decoration is the design you choose for your reception.

The best stage decoration need not be the most expensive, but it takes a lot of interactive iterations to come up with the best. Even the simplest of stage decorations may look the best, if done the right way.

Decorations vary by build, the elements used and the themes that they are based on. The choices range from use of simple flowers, to exotic flowers for the backdrop, to custom build designs based on different themes; a few things that we tried recently were the victorian themed decor, the bohemian themed decor and such. Instead of following the trend, we believe in creating the trend.

So, it is not enough just to choose the best venue for your reception, or to book the most elaborate menu for your guests. Focus on getting the best reception decoration setup, to make your guests go awestruck, is definitely a priority. While you check out on the Internet for the best wedding backdrop decoration designs, check out the best wedding planners and wedding decorators, consult with them, exchange your thoughts, get a moodboard and most importantly, start early, plan one year or even earlier for your reception.

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