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Transform your wedding venue and give it a startling ambiance with a customised wedding decoration! At Marriage Colours, we make a wedding venue spring to life with our bespoke wedding reception decorations Chennai will truly love that will truly change the decor of your wedding venue. We will assist you in choosing the right type of draping, lighting, and even traditional elements, such as plantain trees, banana leaves and wedding flowers to create a harmonious design that will complement your wedding theme and create a stunning effect.

Your wedding reception decoration specialists will help plan and create a unique decorations for your special day that will be a true reflection of your personality, style, and vision. Our customised reception decorations focus on creating traditional and contemporary decorations that will turn your venue into a wedding wonderland.

The Marriage Colours wedding reception decor design planners will work on the overall look and feel of your wedding venue and pay careful attention to all the finer details to bring the whole room and theme together. Our experienced team of wedding reception decorators will conceptualise a unique wedding design that will combine all the key traditional elements to create a seamless look for your special day.

Decor that is Exclusive, Unique, One of a kind

One-of-a-kind and transformative, our designs will serve as elegant backdrops to mark the most memorable moment in your life. We specialise in giving weddings a unique ambiance to make it a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

From the day one of its existence, Marriage Colours has strived to provide its clients the best experience, from their point of view as well as the view of their guests. Excellence, for us is not enough. Our satisfaction lies in the expressive faces of our clients as they express their happiness through their body language and not in so many words. Our recent Tirupati theme at Confluence is just one of the examples. Our team of wedding reception decorations Chennai experts brought the Tirupati main Gopuram to the lawns of Confluence, Mahabalipuram, for a recent reception evening themed Tirupati, making heads turn and all eyes were on the Tirupati gopuram, during the entire evening. We take ideas and dreams from the clients and try our best to make it happen. What if you want the Taj Mahal for your next big occasion in your family? We are up to it. Just talk to us.

What is your style? Want an eco-friendly theme, talk to us. You like the sea, the mountains and the forests or are you the religious type? Not to worry. That is why we ask our clients their dreams and their likes. We believe that is very important as they can easily attach themselves to the theme that they vibrate with. Whatever be your theme, we will make it happen. Our experts from various quarters are there to make your dream wedding reception decorations become reality. It is easy to visualize but difficult to execute. Marriage Colours takes it upon ourselves to make the impossible happen, as our success lies in your happiness and satisfaction.

At Marriage Colours, we believe in producing a magical effect for your decorations, for your wedding or reception, which you will always love to remember. There's a lot we can do. Party decorations, colourful, floral arches and columns, banners that extol the virtues of the bride and the groom and the family are one. Helium balloons that shout out the event and the important names printed on them, themed and named cups and plates, gift bags in return are another. A colourful and bright setting all around, exclusive photo booth, paper lanterns, lanterns that float in air are a fine choice. How about translucent parasols that let through light of different shades from under that look dreamy from above as the quadcopter fitted with the camera buzzes through capturing the entire atmosphere and the aura surrounding it. For us, to make you happy, even the sky is not the limit.

If you wish to create a set of wedding reception decorations Chennai would be mighty impressed and that matches current trends, styles and colours and is tailored to suit your specific needs, budget and personality, book our wedding reception decorations services.

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